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Welcome to MC DiamondChicken. This is a server with so many different options. The spawn is easy to navigate. We have many games and activities. Have fun!

The many activities that we have are Skyblock, Parkour, PVP, Hunger Games, Role-play and Spleef. In Skyblock, you start with a chest with some important items and a tree on a small dirt island. You can expand the house or make whatever you want with the resources you obtain. In Parkour, you jump from block to block in search of the prize at the end. But don't fall of the course or you'll have a tough time getting back. In PVP, you fight other players or team up with other players to fight against each other. Next, in the Hunger Games, you fight the other 23 players with items you find in chests hidden around the map. After that, you can go to role-play at our biggest attraction, DiamondChicken City (DC). You can buy plots and make shops or buy items other players are selling. You can use these items in PVP. Lastly, you can play Minecraft's biggest game, Spleef! In Spleef, there is an arena with snow. You use shovels or bows to get players to fall in the lava below.

There are many attractions on this bukkit server. Please visit MC DiamondChicken for these amazing attractions.

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