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Unitycraft is more than a minecraft server, it is a Minecraft Community.

Our goal at Unitycraft is to foster tight-knit relationships that last a lifetime - and our server's composition reflects that objective.

We are 100% grief-free, using Grief Prevention, LWC, CoreProtect, and WorldGuard to ensure that your belongings and creations stay safe in our survival world.
You can choose to be a loner or branch out and form villages, communities, or even cities using Grief Prevention. Protection is automatic and the amount of land you can protect increases over time or with donations.

If you prefer not having to gather your resources, then our creative world is for you! Our creative world utilizes PlotMe for powerful and simple land claiming and protection. Each normal player is allotted a 50x50 creative world plot - more plots can be gained through donating.
Additionally, donators may use WorldEdit inside of their plots so they can truly be creative.

Mini-Games will also be implemented into Unitycraft. These games will include Infected, Survival Games, and War.

Lastly, events will be held at Unitycraft regularly. Activities will range from in-game tasks to out of game creations - accordingly, prizes will range from in-game rewards to actual game codes and merchandise!

So, if you're looking to join a server that is more than just minecraft server - one that is a minecraft community - Unitycraft is the place to be.
We'll keep the doors open late for you!

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