This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The province of Midstol (Factions PVP Medieval) (S


You need an op to do /manuadd (your name here) Citizen if you want most of the permissions. You can still bend and play vanilla without getting an op to do this though.

    A small community where there are some factions. TLABENDING plugin and the thu'um plugin! Masters of the thu'um can teach you how to use it!

You awake in the capital city of Midstol. You read the rules or else. Now you can proceed to make a faction once an admin grants you citizenship (security reasons) Maybe you go to the monastery and master the thu'um. Maybe you just want to build a boat with our ships plugin and explore? Maybe you go to the bending academy to master one of the elements.

      Plugins installed on server: MCMMO, TLAbending, magicspells, iConomy, ChestShop, Residence, thuum, thu'um, the thuum, the thu'um, Factions, essentials

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