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As some of you may know, I Swimmer128 had a server up and listed for a while, yet took it down... I have built a new server now, and still need help. This server will have a new spawn, and new features... I REALLY need help with this, so anyone willing to help will be much appreciated! The people who want to build will receive builder title. Keep in mind that I will not stand for grief, inappropriate or sexual content, or people just being downright annoying... Also, the server is not whitelisted yet, yet will become whitelisted later, when all of the builders are decided and accounted for. DO NOT ENTER THE SERVER UNLESS YOU WISH TO BE A BUILDER! There is a maximum of 20 players allowed for now, while the future builders and I build the server. When it opens there will be more... The server will be opening and closing frequently while building, so stay calm and alert... This is just due to a busy schedule... Now, once on the server, if you are serious about wanting to help build it, you must build an example of something you wish to see on the server. DO NOT MAKE IT TOO BIG! I will then judge the build and decide what kind of builder you will be. The builder types are:
Planners will plan out the builds. Most often, they also are Modelers, and Model the works to a scale. They also contribute to building.

Workers are just builders that follow the model to build it to full-size. It is mainly for people who can build fast, or if there is no room for them to be Planners. Please take no offense if I assign you as a builder, because builders are not people who can come up with good ideas, they are people who are good at building, and building fast, yet accurately.

Solos are Planners who need no builders to help them. They do everything on their own, hence the name Solo.

You can try out for any part youd like. I will not say anything bad about your builds, I will solely give Constructive Criticism. So, have fun, and do your best!

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