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Towny Server - Spigot - Survival.

What do I do on Venecraft ?!?!

There are many plugins loaded to enhance the game play of this server. Some are just to make the mechanics of the game more entertaining, others to make it flow better. For a complete help guide- see the plugins link that will guide you to each plugin and how to use it.

Venecraft is a Towny Server! You can start your own town or join a town by asking someone on line. If you want to start your own town, you have to travel at least 500 blocks away from the spawn point. You will also have to avoid building too close to another town. If you need help finding a spot, ask the server owner for help.

WARNING!! If you are a member of a town, you must keep money on you to pay your taxes, or your plot is automatically taken.

WARNING!! If you are the town owner, you must keep money in the town bank. If you do not do this, your town will be deleted by the server automatically!!!!!

    Useful Towny commands:
            /t help
            /t new “name of town”

Other “things” you can do:

MCMMO – This plugin adds a quality RPG playing experience. It adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in:

    Acrobatics, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining,

    Repair, Swords, Taming, Unarmed, Woodcutting, Salvage, Smelting.

ChessCraft – This plugin allows you to play chess at the chess board. Use /chess to get there.

Catacombs – This is a dungeon. Bring friends, your going to need them. Make use of the party system with MCMMO. This can be located on a teleporter pad near /spawn.

Auction – Out of money? You can auction stuff to others to make coins. Use /auc.

Knapsacks – Make knapsacks to carry and store stuff.

Bank – Here you can store items, money and xp. Money and XP that is deposited will earn you interest!! Located neat /spawn/

MyPet – Need a pet? You can have one! You will need a lead and right click on the animal you want as a pet, it may take a few tries. /mypet.

Jet Packs – Want some flight experience. Find a chain chest plate. You will need coal as fuel.

Ucars – Drive around in minecarts on roads. Construct roads out of wool-black-white-light grey-grey. Then drive your cars on them. You will need to purchase fuel!! /ufuel buy 5.

MarioKarts – Just like the video game. Teleporter pad near /spawn.

Bookshelves – Store items in bookshelves

Chairs – Tired of always standing? Sit down a stair!

Crackshot – Guns, Grenades, Riot Shields, Landmines, C4, Booby Traps, Dual wield Pistols, Melee and attachments. Crafting instructions can be found at the library. Use a teleporter pad to get there. Pad near /spawn.

Lasers – Create your very own laser gun. Crafting instructions are at the library. Use a teleporter pad to get there. Pad near /spawn.

Lockette – Lock your chests, doors, furnaces etc from others. Just place a sign on it.

Magic – Adds powerful magic wands and items to the server. Over 100 spell’s to use. Only works when you have the wand active. See the library on how to make a wand.

Vampire – Yes, you can become a vampire. Do you want to? It is a very difficult class to play. The shrine can be found deep beneath the library.

Werewolves – 3 clans are available.

Bottled XP – Bottle your XP to save or trade with other.

SilkSpawners – Allows you to “mine” monster spawners with a pickaxe that has the silktouch ability. You can then place these spawners any place.

Wizards – Cast spells using a book. The high level you are, the more powerful spells you have. /wiz help.

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