This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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UHCabbage Survival UHC


Welcome to UHCabbage. Otherwise known as, Ultra Hardcore Cabbage server.

This is a Survival, Ultra Hardcore Server. There is no automatic regeneration, so be careful out there. Make sure to read the rules using /rules, and see what commands are available to you using /help. This server is protected by the Anti Grief Plugin, in which people can claim their land using a golden shovel. Be sure to take advantage of this, as raiding, PvP’ing, and griefing off of claimed land is allowed. There will be many events, so keep your eyes peeled.
*Server is still in development
1: No glitching, hacking, or modding in order to grief claimed land. You will be punished
2: Advertising will result in ban.
3: Banter is allowed, but no abusing players who can't defend themselves offline.
4: If someone is bothering you, use /ignore (playername).
5: Keep public chat in English
6: No Spamming the chat with pointless drama. Or else you'll be muted.
7: Obey the staff (Don't tell them how to do their job)
8: Don't be a noob, don't cheat. If you're caught cheating, I will tell everyone you're a n00b.
9: Do not constantly beg for things, or else you'll be muted.

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