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Talgonthur is a NEW survival server with an economy. The purpose of Talgonthur is to provide a survival server where people can join, read one or two signs, go to the survival world, and play standard survival with a claimed space, protected by WorldGuard. Players who don't wish to mine or forage the entire time will be able to buy, sell and trade items with the Economy, and a future Auction plug-in.
The twist to Talgonthur is the coming soon Legends World. The Legends World is a custom world with NPCs, towns, dungeons, and other places that quests will send you. If you decide that survival is boring you, or you want better items to win more PVP battles, or you just want to show off that you have no life and collected all of our epic items, then questing is for you! Don't like questing? Not a problem - It's OPTIONAL, and just because you don't quest doesn't mean you won't have better items than the people who do quest... Amazing quest items will take a LONG time to obtain, and players can earn Admin Awards, by getting recommended by other players or self-nominating on the forums.
What do you have to lose? Give us a chance. Come see if you like our server. No harm, no foul. All that I ask is if you don't want to try out the server, or if you hated your experience on our server, please give constructive feedback on how we can improve! It took a lot of hard work to make this server, set it up, and cost money - Please respect that when you post your hate comments. That would be much appreciated!
Oh, and by the way...
We have Tacos.
(Tacos not included)
TALGONTHUR; True Survival, with a Legendary twist...

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