This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Skyprestige !

Staff List
Creator - Warlike_2
Owners - TrAnCeiK/xXShadowDoctorXx
Admins - The_PyroX_115/madmikeymike/TheCreeperM
Mods - kmaann/ninjaforce02/ccfcadams12
Trimods - xxrickyjpxx/dacooper3/mynameismarting
Beginners Read here!

When you first join, you will start as a "Sky-freshy" and only have access to skyblock and ONLY skyblock, but this server includes more features, to receive more perks and features like the markets and new Ranks, Post for membership below. Its Simple! Just post your IGN(In game Name) below and your Agreement not to grief "I agree not to Grief!" Here an Example

My name is "TrAnCeiK"
I agree not to grief!

If you enjoy our Server remember to gives us a Quick Diamonds up
And if want to keep this server up! Don't forget to donate to our paypal

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