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Diamond Network Factions!


This is a brand new server with amazing people! we are looking for staf so please hurry up and join! this is a factions server so remember to just have fun, make a base, and kill! we hope everyone joins. we are looking for new members who will be kind and loyal! work and apply for staff ranks, such as Mod Admin and Also Helper. we are working on donator ranks as we speak. so we hope you join and have fun! bring all of your friends on and help the server grow as we will grow with you. please have fun and just have a god time! we hope to grow anf become an even bigger server. we are quite small right now but we will grow. we will always be on 24/7. we are working on enlarging our shop and how many slots we have so just be patient. we are working on our mcmmo levels and trying to fix and work the plugin! we have many fun plugins that will make our server even more fun! if you have any ideas then just tell a staff member when he/her is online! so hurry up and join our server before its full and to late! we hope you join have have tons and tons of fun while playing on our factions server!

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