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Enderlegion [PVP/Raiding]


Hello! I am the owner of! A 24/7 no lag server! If you love pvp, love raiding, love a mature, kind, caring community, than this server is for you. We have many fun minigames along with the main pvp aspect of the server, so if PVP isn't for you, we have something for everyone. We hope you will join and we are not here for the donations as some server owners are, we are here for the fun. But along with the fun comes the hassle of the server bills so keep that in mind.

Here at enderlegion we be as mature and kind to every question and situation from all players. We never see a 'stupid question' or a 'silly answer' from everyone, every 'stupid question' deserves equal respect and equal attention. We try and keep the community of enderlegion as clean and nice as possible, but thats hard, ya' know! I'm not saying everyone is going to be an angel and abide by the rules, but we deal with over-the-top disrespectful people appropriately. 

If you are not a fan of pvp/raiding we have a lot of other things! You can just go play as a survivor, or as an adventurer the possibilities are endless! We have many fun minigames including; Spleef, Mob arena and many other fun plugins. We do not over-load the server with plugins but just enough to keep everyone interested and keep coming back. This is another reason enderlegion is a special place for everyone.

Also, I do not run this server for money, I run this for the fun and excitement of seeing new players join the server and be interested that makes me more happy than if someone sent me $200, I rather see people enjoy my server than make a dollar off of it. Any donations we do receive go back into the server, I NEVER take money away from the server, it is self efficient, but the bills do come into play, we rely on the generosity of players like you to donate to the server so we can continue to keep the server up, watch it grow and watch players like you enjoy!

Lastly I would like to invite you to my server,even if you do not like the main aspects of the server, there is a little something for everyone. In conclusion if you are looking for a server that fits these descriptions is the place for you! You can find everything from down-and-dirty pvp, to fun and graceful spleef with some friends, from nasty-hardcore raiding to building pokemon with your friends. See? A little for everyone, and we NEVER disrespect any players and treat everyone with equal fairness. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on the server!

Enjoy your day,

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