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Digiw0lf Official server - Home of w0lfcrew!

Server spawn
Survival spawn
Small amount of members right now, But friendly!
Christmas land, special for christmas

The W0lf Crew servers were founded by Digiw0lf to be a true survival server with a twist. The server excels above the normal default survival terrain. The terrain created by W0lf Crew is based of earth's natural tranquil, and glorious beauty. Brand new games hub is now available! you will be able to play all the great games we all know and love from minecraft such as Spleef, Survival games, Zombie arena, TNT run, parkour and many more to come! The terrain is exceptionally created for the functionality and expansion of the imagination hosting some of the most utterly breath taking and amazing yet natural scenery. It is a guarantee that you will NEVER find a server like this. The W0lf Crew server members also lust a creative world to be forged, Digiw0lf set out to do with a plot system implementing a 80x80 area for the members to build in. The system allows the members to build in a grief-free plot while they still can invite their friends to come and assist them in their build, it creates a very simple system too which is very easy to pick up and use - this allows for the builds which people create to be the main focus for better observation and intake of the beauty. The system means that the world gets used to its maximum potential - it allows growth of the creativity in the brain and the expansion of pallets, designs and functionality within builds. Systematically recreating design is hard and we have made it much easier, no matter how many changed to the design: the space will be sufficient whether one of more plots are needed. Digiw0lf believes that the staff of the server should be friendly and approachable as well as working for the community. The W0lf Crew server staff which includes everyone within the team hold honourable amounts of positive attitude and professionalism. The staff aim to grow, help and mainly cater for all of the needs of you, the people. Every single staff member was selected under a process which determined that they were fully capable of what is needed - every staff member is an excelling member of the community and have worked extremely hard over months to make the server exactly what it is today. A warm, community based second home for anyone willing to give it a go!

Rules: No Griefing No Mods/Hacks/Xray Don't ask for staff/op/creative No Swearing Respect both members and staff No racism, sexism, homophobia Don't advertise English chat only Don't SPAM!

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