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PathosCraft *SolitaryCraft Modpack* Better than FT


SolitaryCraft Modpack V. Will update constantly
16GB RAM Dedicated, Minimal Lag, 24/7 (Specs will be updated as needed)

Do you love playing Modded servers? Do you love Modpacks such as FTB, or Tekkit, but want to enjoy something that is updated, and with more mods? I would then like to announce the public opening of PathosCraft! We are running a brand new Modpack called SolitaryCraft. This modpack uses MC version 1.6.4 (Horses!) and has updated Mods! Installing, and running this new modpack is just as easy as playing a FTB server or Tekkit server, by using ATLauncher! SolitaryCraft runs over 170 Mods, which can be selected or disabled right from the launcher.

Just some of the mods included in this pack:
Thermal Expansion
Twilight Forest
Thaumcraft 4
DartCraft (More Stable and balanced Version)
Plus much much more!
Visit to see a full list of all mods included.

Plugins we are running:
Towny, Essentials, Chestshop, SimpleRegionMarket, Phatloots, Ontime, We will add more as time passes.

How to get this Modpack: I will be making an install video at some point

  1. Visit, and download the launcher.
  2. From the launcher install the SolitaryCraft Modpack.
  3. When asked which mods to install, just hit the icon that says Recommended.
  4. Follow the directions that the Modpack asks you to do.
  5. Add in our server IP and enjoy!

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