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KindomsOfWarPvP is a Factions, PvP, Roleplay Minecraft server. We are anti-grief and medival themed.

1) Please be respectful and ethical towards ALL players.
2) Keep the CHAT clean, no swearing, excessive caps or spam
3) Hacks, Mods, and X-Ray are NOT tolerated.yell
4) Report any glitches/bugs within the server.sealed
5) Abusing glitches/bugs in the server is not aloud.
6) No advertising other servers or products.
7) No griefing, but stealing and raiding are aloud.
8) Racism and favoritism are not tolerated.
9) Scamming is aloud (ingame).

We hope to see you on our server. Make sure you spread the word about us, to help our community thrive and succeed. Thank you for your time.undecided

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