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Eureka Vanilla Minecraft!

We are dedicated to providing you with the best vanilla minecraft experience possible! We do not have any plugins that affect gameplay. No tp, no /home, no creative, etc.

We have friendly, experienced staff at almost all hours who will be happy to assist you in any way. This is our 8th month and we have a very nice group here. You will feel right at home!

While we prefer PvE survival, we offer a few different game worlds:

  • PvE Vanilla Survival
  • PvP Vanilla Survival
  • Skyblock
  • Staff will hold other various games and events at random

How to join:

Copy and paste this application and reply to this post:

IGN: your character name
AGE: (we are now 18+, sorry kids)
WHY EUREKA?: tell us what made you join us. What are you looking for?

Fill out the application, log in, read the signs and get started! There is no whitelist! When you join, you will be asked to build something for us to judge your knowledge and creativity in minecraft. This allows us to be open to everyone immediately and also keep out the griefers and annoying kids. You will also be asked to join our forums at before you can join us in Eureka! Good Luck!


Respect for Others

There are only a few rules here on Eureka, but they are very important ones. They allow us to get along with each other and help to create a place for us all to have fun and play the game. You show respect for others by...

-Not stealing

Taking anything, no matter how small, from a person's chest without asking is stealing. The same is true for harvesting crops, animals and trees that aren't yours. There are no community chests.

-Not Griefing

Eureka is a friendly server. Griefing is not friendly.

If you would like to prank other users, please read the thread about pranking on our message board.

-Preserving Spawn and Community Builds

Do not remove or place any blocks within a 500 block area of spawn. Similarly, do not alter any of our community builds such as the hotel and the nether hubs.

-Chatting Appropriately

When chatting with other members of the server, remember that the words you write are being seen by a larger audience. Please avoid repeated statements or lengthy private conversations. Consider using Mumble or Skype for those instead. Always be considerate to others and mind your spelling and language to the best of your ability.

Do not advertise other servers.

Eureka is a vanilla server. Disable any mods before logging on.

Optifine is ok to use here.

Unless you have arranged it with another player, please do not start building right next door to another person's build. Give them, and yourself, plenty of room to cave, explore and expand.

If you will be away from the server over a period of four or more weeks, please let us know on the message board. Otherwise, your builds will be deleted to make room for others.

Thank you for reading our server guidelines. Please keep this bookmarked for future reference and never hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

Welcome to Eureka, and have fun!

P.S. This is not Mindcrack!

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