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Sirius Craft is a new Clan/Faction based PvP server with a 16385 x 16385 block custom map that was created using World Machine and World Painter.
(You can view our LIVE world map at

Our main plugin that handles the PvP system is Simple Clans, This lets you either create or join a clan and then lets you earn in-game money for killing enemy players in rival clans or just anyone who is not a clan member.

We also keep score of your personal KDR (Kill Death Ratio) from the very first time you login to our server and we have an in-game leaderboard showing everyones KDR in the clan or the server.

We are also developing our own plugins for various mini games and game types that will be released soon like Prisons, Skyblocks, Arena, DayZ and more typical fun Minecraft gameplay styles.

We host our server on a dedicated machine with 16GB DDR3 RAM & a 3.5Ghz Intel Core E3 1270v3 CPU with a 1 Giga Bit network running 24/7 at a secured datacenter and unlike many other server owners and staff we are all adults and we act professionally as you would expect at a work place or business.

Some intresting screenshots:
World Machine and World Painter

World Painter

Some of our in-game screenshots

The world map

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