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We have 6 regular members that join nearly every day, but we want this number to increase, we have 30 slots available for the server. We want to host a direwolf 20 server aswell as the FTB infinity server we already have. The server is hosted in the UK, down in Bristol. It is hosted by Nitrous Networks and we currently have 4gb of Ram allocated. We have a small list of banned items, but you can still use 95% of the items from the pack. We do not want to ban item, the only items that get banned are ones that cause major lag or items that people use to grief.
We are running towny, still having a few issues with the permissions, but we are getting there. All Automated Mining must be done in the mining world, because we havent yet managed to allow quarries etc work through towny, so till we have Towny is disabled in the Mining world to allow you to mine.
We have a TS3 server, which is going to be donation based, this will mean that if people do not donate the TS3 server will go down, unless I have spare cash to throw in.
We do have a donation store, which you can access through our website. We are currently selling: Ranks, Item Packs, In-game Cash, Towny Plots and 5 Nether Stars, All donations will be put back towards the server.
If we can get 15 people on regular basis, we will open up staff positions to anyone that is helpful, kind, and has played on the server for two weeks, so if you join make sure to help everyone, always be happy, and follow all the rules. I am looking forward to seeing you all in the future.

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