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Exalted Craft, a Fully Creative server with 3 worlds, 6 ranks and earned or bought world edit/voxel sniper. Start off a small builder...and work your way to becoming Exalted...Come!....Join the Exalted!
(ranking is based on building skill) Builder -> Architect-T1 -> Architect-T2 -> Architect-T3 -> Elite -> Exalted. NOTE: Exalted are chosen by staff and can not be applied for.
Builder starts off with basic commands and 1 64x64 plot to build in.
Once Ranked from builder to architect through showing your skill.
Once Architect you have a 300x300 plot, with 3 tiers of ranking through these 300x300 plots, Start off Architect-T1 to Architect-T2 and Architect-T3, as Architect-T1 you will be showing greater detail then builder, and on a larger scale, once passed architect-T1 and to architect-T2 then you get some basic world edit commands, from there you need to show us you can handle your self with basic world edit, to make your structures Grand. if you have reached Architect-T3 you will gain some world edit Brush's and other commands, there you need to show us you can build your structures to fit in with the land and to look beautiful. if you achieve all this, you Become Elite With open World building and a Chance to be Chosen for Exalted! if you do become Exalted, then you will gain Voxel commands. once Exalted we feel you will have every thing ever needed to build what ever you what are you waiting for? Lets get Started!
We are Also Home the the Build Team of: Middle Earth-Architects.

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