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News! Our server is going to be hosting a building contest soon! Check up on our forum for more details!
News! We just got a new and improved Ice Castle Spawn!

CubeCraft is a survival server! As of now we're a small server, but looking to expand our player base. We're looking for a mature community. The server is Survival with the GriefPrevention plugin. When you first join the server you will get a golden shovel. With the golden shovel, you can claim land. The server is a no griefing, no raiding, no scamming server.

The economy, as of now, is really stable. We have a small amount of players and items are worth a lot, but at the same time getting money isn't that hard! The main source of money is gold. Gold can be sold to spawn for $100 per ingot! Another way of getting money is to sell with other players. We have plugins such as CraftBay (auctions) and a Global Market plugin!

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