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Destruction PvP


Welcome to DestructionPvP! We are a Factions PvP server, and as the owner, I am very proud to present what I’ve been working on for over half a month! We have over 30 plugins that keep gameplay fun and interesting, and to ensure that nobody becomes too overpowered! Here are five of the many plugins that our server uses:

Factions- Create a faction and invite your friends; You’ll need many teammates to conquer the server. Create allies and enemies, raid enemy territory, and talk in a secret chat! Factions is a leading plugin for all PvP servers.

mcMMo- Level up your skills in pretty much everything with this amazing plugin, targeted towards PvP! Leveling up skills unlocks new abilities that you never would have dreamed of! On our server, you can earn mcMMo exp from monsters spawned from monster spawners. This makes leveling mcMMo all the more fun!

ObsidianDestroyer- Ever try raiding a base, but it was covered in layers and layers of obsidian? It’s so frustrating how obsidian is so overpowered! Well, not on this server. After blowing obsidian up 5 times with TNT, it is destroyed! Also note that TNT can blow up in fluids, such as lava and water as well.

SilkSpawners- Players with the donation rank of Donor and above can use a Silk Touch pickaxe to mine spawners, and retrieve the item that will spawn the same mob! Spawners are useful for enchanting and mcMMo leveling. Buying spawners in the shop is VERY expensive, so use this to your advantage if you decide to donate!

Buycraft- We use a plugin called Buycraft, which makes the donation process quick, simple, and automatic! We offer ten donation ranks, and three one-time deals, such as in-game money, mcMMo levels, or spawners. These donator ranks are at great prices, and I do really hope that I can keep the server running; donations are greatly appreciated!

My hope is for our server to have many players online regularly, so there will very likely be more staff hired to help me on the server! We have several different Staff ranks. There is only one staff rank who is allowed commands such as /gamemode and /give, and if a player of this rank is caught disobeying the rules, they will be instantly demoted. Here are a list of all the Staff ranks that we have on DestructionPvP!

-/kick command, to kick players who are misbehaving. Serves as a ‘warning.’
-/mute command, to mute players spamming or talking in foreign languages. Also a ‘warning.’
-/book command, change the contents of a written book.
-Set 2 homes
-Talk in chat using format (bold, italics, underline), and use URL’s in chat.
-/seen Shows player’s last logout, IP, and reason for them being banned.
-/kit helper Includes the following:
Full Iron Armor enchanted with Protection II, Thorns II, and Unbreaking I
Diamond Sword enchanted with Sharpness II, Knockback I
Diamond Pickaxe enchanted with Efficiency III, Unbreaking II, Fortune I
Diamond Shovel & Axe enchanted with Efficiency II, Unbreaking I
Bow enchanted with Power III, Unbreaking II
64 Arrows, 16 Cooked Porkchops, One OP Apple, and 24 Iron Ingots

-Everything that Helper gets, besides /kit helper
-/invsee See another player’s inventory. Can not take anything.
-/ban Ban an online or offline player for a repeated offense of something against the rules.
-/banip Ban the IP address of an online or offline player if they seem to keep joining.
-/tempban Temporarily ban an online or offline player for repeatedly not following the rules.
-/broadcast Send everybody a message via broadcast. Abuse can lead to a demotion.
-/enderchest See the enderchest of another player- once again, can not take anything.
-See vanished players.
-Talk in chat with colors and ‘matrixes’
-/kit moderator Includes the following:
Full Iron Armor enchanted with Protection III, Thorns II, and Unbreaking II
Diamond Sword enchanted with Sharpness II, Knockback II, Unbreaking I
Diamond Pickaxe enchanted with Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Fortune II
Diamond Shovel & Axe enchanted with Efficiency III, Unbreaking II
Bow enchanted with Power IV, Unbreaking III
64 Arrows, 32 Cooked Porkchops, Two OP Apples, and 10 diamonds

Here at DestructionPvP, we currently have 15 donation packages. 12 of these packages are ranks. These ranks give you commands, respect, kits, and more! We have a large range of prices and ranks, depending on what you feel like paying! Now of course, our server is completely free to play on. Donating to the server simply helps us keep it online 24/7, and gives you many advantages in game! :) All donations are accepted by PayPal.

You can see the perks for these Donator packages on our Buycraft website:

Available Ranks:
VIP ($5)
Donator ($15)
Supporter ($30)
Sponsor ($50)
Warrior ($65)
Legend ($85)
Titan ($100)
Overlord ($125)
Hero ($150)
Pro ($200)
Boss ($350)
God ($500)

100 mcMMo levels- $3.50
$10K In-Game- $3.50
Unban- $10 You can be banned again, even for the same offense

None of our donations are currently refundable. Once again, to see the perks that these donator packages get, go to:

It would be greatly appreciated if you take the time to Diamond us! The more players, the more fun you’ll have! Also, vote while online to earn 3 TNT, $1000 ingame, and 5 Diamond! It’s all about the fun here at Destruction PvP, and we want to guarantee everybody the most fun that they could have. Well, copy that IP address and get playing! See you online!

Owner: Gman_HAX

Sub to me on YouTube for Protection II Diamond Armor!

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