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Welcome to JammyCraftPVP!
JammyCraftPVPis a popularBukkit server complete with Donor Ranks, Factions, iConomy Chest Shops, and more. We have a protected spawn along with 24/7 Uptime. It is a raiding and griefing server 100% of the time so be sure to build your base away from spawn. Want to apply for staff?Go to
DrakonisVaughan Owner
Bunneeebear123 Admin
Hearthus Admin
Beantay Moderator

We aren't some OP Factions raiding and griefing server so at the start you get stone tools and leather armor. You can get a second set of starter gear by saying /kit tools and /kit leather. You also get access to /echest at the start, freebie of Drakonis. We allow players full access to items at spawn in the shops, along with requests of adding them in for players to buy or sell that item.

Need some extra cash to buy stuff at the spawn? Vote! We have many places to vote and you get $500 whenever you do vote! It also really helps out the server a lot and you can be rewarded by a staff if you vote enough.

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