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We're a humble and small Minecraft based community, we currently already have a very loyal member-base, and we're looking to expand!

You're probably looking for a reason to join us? Well...

We're a Small Community, in search for new players.

We have extremely nice admins and moderators, who are 100% happy to help you ^.^ Or just chit-chat.

We frequently update, fix, and add new features to our server!

We have a forum/website in the pipeline, and more coming soon!

Plugins (Currently still adding!):

Pets - Ever wanted a pet that follows you around as you pvp? We allow donators to have access to our large range of pets selections, from chickens, to OTHER PLAYERS! These pets are fully customisable, either by giving it a nickname, or changing the size of it!

Kits - Awesome kits which can either be bought which in-game money, or recieved for free from being a donator! (Our kits cool downs are small, which gives YOU more gameplay and less waiting time!)

Buycraft - To donate, and recieve awesome packages.

LaunchPads - WEEEEEEEEE!

SoupPVP - A revolutionary new way of PVP, that makes PVP even more heart-pumping and exciting! Instead of standing in one spot eating GOD Apples! (BORINNGGG)

And many more, boring plugins such as Essentials and Bukkit. :-)

So come on, join our server? If you're looking for a fun place to settle down and grow an army with your friends, by gosh- You've found the right place! :)

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