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Howdy Partner! Happy to see you around these parts! And welcome to WestWood! WestWood isn't your average minecraft server though... We have friendly staff, awesome plugins, and great builds all put together to give you the best possible western roleplaying experience we can possibly give you! Some of our main plugins which I think you guys will find quite handy are Lovelife, which allows you to marry another player. The basic point of this plugin on our server is to create peace between tribes/indians. But if you and another player decide to get married that's perfectly fine too! We also have McMMO which lets you level up on skills such as Acrobatics, Mining, and lots more! We hope to provide you with an amazing experience, and will see you on the server hopefully!

Below are some basic rules to ensure that everyone on the server has a great time!

1) No stealing from chests (If you steal, you will be made an outlaw, and kicked out of your current town to live out in the wilderness.
2) No griefing towns/settlements (The wilderness is open game)
3) No spamming chat with advertisements, etc (Doing so will result in a 3 ban)
4) No X-Ray or other hacked clients (Doing so will result in a 2 day jail)
5) Respect staff's decision at all times (They are trying their best to be as fair as possible)
6) No swearing in chat (Exceptions will not be made)
7) No harassment of staff or others (Doing so will result in a 5 day ban)
8) No racism/sexism.

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