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Tdkraft Survival and More is a friendly server with friendly staff and friendly players! Tdkraft has ranks, donor ranks, nolag, chests, and voting so you can gain money! Tdkraft has 100 slots and 4GB of RAM, so there will always be space for more players! Tdkraft has a bunch of rules, not to keep you from having fun, but to keep others and you having fun and making friends! Any players found being rude to another player will be punished via. a few different ways.

  1. Dont Curse | This means no language!
  2. Dont Rage | This means that even if you are killed 5 times in a row, you cant spam or report!
  3. No Sexual Words | I dont want to have to explain this rule...
  4. No Hacking | This means that you cant use hacked clients or mods that give you an unfair advantage!
  5. Murder Everyone | Dont team up with more than 2 others!
  6. No Racism | Dont use racist or stereotypical words or anything offensive!
  7. No Advertising | Dont advertise other servers or websites!
  8. Respect Others | Dont disrespect others in any way, especially staff members.
  9. Advertise THIS Server | If you are allowed to, advertise on other servers.
  10. VOTE! | If you want more money, dont ask others. You can vote for $200 each vote(per day)! You can vote once per day!
  11. No Scamming. | No trading and not coming through with your side of the trade.
  12. No Griefing of ANY kind. | If someone trusts you to their plot, dont grief it.
    Plugins installed on server: Survival, Votifier, Rankup, PVP, NoCheatPlus, Multiverse, GroupManager

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