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Compete among your fellow players in this alternative form of survival that leaves you hanging on the edge of the abyss on nothing but a small clump of sand and dirt, literally. Starting your adventure from scratch with nothing but the bare essentials, including some grass, a tree, and the makings of a cobblestone generator, you embark to create the ultimate island fortress and prove your survival skills in extreme environments. How you play the game is all up to you, should it be with a booming island island co-op or a serene paradise where you can build in solitude? The choice is yours. With island protections, you are ensured that your island will not fall to griefing visitors.

Trade in the items you collect at the Skyblock Shop to gain access to other goods, opening up new, exciting possibilites for the creativly inclined. Care has been taken to balance the available trades to maintain the distinct nature of Skyblock. With nearly every block available later in the game, the possibilites are boundless! When island develops further, you will be able to construct a portal to journey to the Nether. With an ingame challenge system, you will be rewarded with every step you take in developing your island.

Do you prefer a more competitive approach to Skyblock? If so, join the community for SkyWars, a modification of Skyblock into fast-paced, 4 player matchs. In the minigame, you race to build up a Skyblock island and attempt to slay your opponents on their islands.

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