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At Kushcraft, you begin your life as a Prisoner! After earning the money required by working in the mines, you can choose to be a Druggie or an Officer. Once you choose your career, you will rank up and gain more valuable custom kits, and better weapons/armor!

As a drug dealer, you can go off into the wilderness and then make a plantation to grow your drugs. Drugs are wheat, mushrooms, feathers, paper, sugar, cactus green, and melon and pumpkin seeds. To sell your drugs for loads of cash, go to the shop, and look around for the underground black market! As you sell more drugs, you will become a more respected member on the server, and you will be given the ability to set multiple homes, and have better kits!

As a cop, you are in charge of finding drugs! You can go out into the wild and look to take down plantation operations, or you can 'frisk' a player by right clicking on them with a stick! You will receive these drugs off of players, and you can sell any drugs back to the DEA for 3x the price of the black market. Also, the various cop kits include custom armor, weapons, and frisking sticks to use!

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