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Jac Realms is a Network that currently consists of:

A Factions server And A Creative Plots Server

Our factions server has most plugins custom build with a beautifly unique spawn, on the faction server you are allowed to make a faction gane power on the server by raiding, killing and griefing others bassicly start a all out war between factions, with our custom death messages bar every one is defenatly going to know who killed who.

Our creative server also has a custom spawn and custom plugins, the creative server allows 1 plot per non donator but dont wurry our plots are a wopping 256 by 256 so you will not be running out of space any time soon also if you are a good builder you might get recruted by our buidteam and that allows you to take part in building spawns and maps for future servers that we are currently working on.

Jac Realms is an ever expanding server so we are not only going to stay a factions and creative server we have our dev working on minigames and a custom prison plugins so soon we are going to have prison and minigames.

Hope To See You On Some Time.

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