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Spongecraft OG

Spongecraft OG



Spongecraft is a classic Minecraft experience with some added elements to make the online experience as fun as possible!
Permissions mechanics
Creative plots for Members+
Essentials mechanics, like [Trade], [Repair], and [Warp] signs
Chest & region protection
Auto-rank based on time played
Dynamic map viewable from your browser
Lag prevention
Colored names & chat based on rankings
Warps and warp creation to Trusted members and above
Jailing system to punish griefers and problematic players
mcMMO for the rpg lovers
Player teleporting to play with your friends
No admin abuse
/home and /sethome options to never lose your base of operation
Basic & growing economy system
TNT, Creeper, and other explosion protection, including firespread
/spawn command to teleport back to the spawn point
Mob arena
...and many more!

We also have an auto-save feature enabled just in case of map corruption or other potential risks. Come join us! You may find Spongecraft a fun place to play.

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