This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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  • AuroraCraft is a basic survival server, with no raid and no griefing... This server is for those of you looking for a server that is simple, fun, and not rule based... You play how you want, we just don't want greifing or raiding. Build whatever it is you want! Make a town! Make base! Make a castle!

  • This servers PVP is different. Instead of fighting, getting killed, and losing all the you've worked for, you don't! We have KeepInventory. The only reward for killing is the players heads! How many can you collect? Can you get the staffs head?

  • This servers economy is in gold ingots, you don't need to sell everything you have just to get someting cool... Just go mine and get gold!

  • We have two ranks, that are VERY rewarding, Alumni and Elite, and no... You don't need to donate! You get these amazing ranks by just being online, for example, after being online a total of 12 hours, (Not continuous) you get Alumni! No money or "luck" required!

  • This server makes it so you and your friends can come on and enjoy the game of minecraft with no BS, No Drama, and No "Unfair" ranks!

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