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Shadow Kingdom is a server which is based on Kingdoms/Clans. As soon as you join, you are lead into a safe haven for all beginners. You can have your own house, which you can extend for in-game currency, and have access to roam the kingdom. Your status is a citizen at this stage. From here, you have three options.

Option 1) You can stay a Citizen, and stay in the kingdom for as long as you want, and become a dedicated member of the kingdom, or, you can do two extra things.

Option 2) Become a Bandit. Becoming a Bandit is given by gaining a negative reputation within the kingdom, after you receive this rank, you are banished from the kingdom, and you are unable to come back.

Option 3) Become a Traveller. Travellers are the people who have decided they want to move on. They can leave the safety of the kingdom, survive in the wilderness, and potentially build their own kingdom! Travellers are only allowed back in the main kingdom for trading purposes or visiting.

You can treat this like a huge PvP server, however you are NOT allowed to grief within the Shadow Kingdom, this can cause you to become a Bandit! Griefing and Raiding is allowed anywhere outside of the Shadow Kingdoms Walls. Think of it being in a medieval civilization, where you can raid and take over different kingdoms, and become the most feared Bandit/King in the land!

Although this server is currently in Beta Testing the servers "set-in-stone" launch date is Wednesday, January 21st.

Hope to see you all on launch day!

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