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[1.6.2][Cracked][Rebirth Crafting][PvP/PvE][60 Slo


Server IP:

Website: [Under Construction]

Some Major Plugins: Citizens, Mcmmo, Residence, Treasure Chest, Chest Shop, Maybe factions later.

Just a few rules to get people strted and to get to know the server!

1.No griefing
2.No staff disrespect
3.No hacking of any kind
4.No advertising
5.No mods except rei's minimap and optifine

Rebirth Crafting started off with a staff team of three a number of years ago and grew to a whole new level!

Rebirth Crafting will feature multiple quests that you can enjoy when your not building, including a world made completly in World Edit on a
flat map!

The server is privately hosted and maintains a Dedicated 2GB RAM quantity, Despite this, we maintain a 20tps No Lag server.

We previously had Silentcraft, it was a 1.8.1 Beta Server owned and hosted by Silent_Sentinal
It was a Survival server with nothing but protection and Lockette and eventually Silent decided to close it.
CasperJack then willingly volenteered to run the server, even having no experience with Minecraft at all.
It hosted thousands of people in its lifespan, and was home to hundreds.
Spawn wa a simple Iron box, with a large window surrounding the door, and a "Free Cookies" refridgerator.
A large rail, well over a thousand blocks long, would dominate the edge of the world.

Our only current banned items are: TNT, Fire Spread, Creeper Explosion, Enderman pickup

Guest-Basic newcomer

Member-The average player most are this rank

Helper-These people have no responcibily except to help the server when needed

Moderator-These are the "cops" of the server

Admin-These people will manage the large scale problems and deal with the server its self

Owner-The owners

Don't forget guys, if you vote, you will receive:
1 Block of Obsidian (Per Voting Site)
5 EXP Bottles (Per Site)
1 Diamond (Per Site)
$250 (Per Site)

The Voting Sites will be listed at the main /spawn area.

Staff List;

Owner: CasperJack, Dreadxgamer, Griffin_step
Admins: 0
Moderators: Zorax, Badocho and JonesyBoppa

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