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3B3T - Ultimate Anarchy Experience [1.10]


If you want to have the best Anarchy Experiece, Then 3B3T might be the place for you.

This server is completely an Anarchy server with NO RULES. Find Friends, Make teams, destroy other teams, Whatever your heart desires, you can do it all here. Play Minecraft the way it was supposed to be played. The only thing that will stop you is yourself.

This server features some Helpful commands such as:
/tpa - Send a Teleport Request to your friend to make your life easier instead of Walking thousands of blocks.

/mhome set name - When you already have a base, or you need to set a home at an Important Location, just do the command it will help you. At the moment you can set almost unlimited homes, but we will eventually set a limit later.

/ignore - If someone is annoying you or is spamming in the chat, just simply type that command alongside his name.

Come join us and have the best time of your life. and if you see me in-game, Dont be shy to say hi :) My IGN is TheNoobestRusher. I usually give new people some food or gear. Hope to see all of you in-game :)

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