This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Black Market Zero


Ok, a few things have changed, it was suggested that i use Bukkit instead of the real Minecraft server, so i installed that, but all of the plugins refuse to work and Bukkit has a horrible permissions management so yeah... it will take a while to have the server running properly.

Hacking, hacked clients and swearing are still allowed, currently you must have a legit Mojang account until the server is stable.

It will be multi-world and the survival world will still have THE GUARDIAN at spawn, even though its probably not needed anymore.

There will be a Dynmap as well.

That's all i guess...

Oh wait! Advice for the script kiddies: Don't put "\n"s all over your bookhacks, that's dumb and you are dumb, 2nd: any OP hacks will work (but you need to update them for 1.8.7) but wont get you far, even "/op username" wont do much, you only get level 1 OP, if you don't know what the levels are you probably should look that up.


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