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Adventure Craft Network



We are friendly community devoted to making your game enjoyable, we have numerous activities; all separated into different servers for your convenience. The network consists of 5 servers: Towny, PVP(Factions), Survival Games, minigames and creative. Each world is properly configured to meet the optimum gaming experience. Our PVP wold uses our one of a kind custom plugin, Nations. Nations is a plugin created to make teams, harness abilities, all for the ultimate PVP enjoyment. Towny uses our friendly community and creates an enjoyable atmosphere perfect for you and your friends. Our Survival Games server is customized with a unique addition to the game. If you are into team deathmatch, capture the flag, and other PVP packed games then our minigames world is the thing for you. Lastly we have our creative world which is dedicated to our supporters in order to thank them for their help and support. In addition to our interacted worlds and game modes you are also rewarded ranks though your dedication to the server in the form of playtime. So hop on the server and check us out; you'll be glad you did!

Free Ranks:
Donator Ranks:


  • Use common sense
  • Respect players and staff
  • Do not ask staff for items, ranks, money, etc
  • Do not grief (With the exception to PVP factions)
  • No 1 by 1 towers, dirt houses, or any other improper looking builds
  • No extensive usage of capital letters
  • Report all bugs/glitches, and do not abuse them
  • No death traps (with the exception of PVP Factions)
  • No advertising other servers through any of our communication forms
  • No client side mods, unless approved by staff
  • Try to protect your Land
  • Donators must abide by the same rules and if not followed will be demoted/banned without refund


We have an state of the art anti griefing system that utilizes logblock, a plugin that allows us to rollback any grief. This plugin works with everything; fire, explosions, and regular old player's block break. We also use NoCheat, a plugin that notifies us of any players using a hacked client along with blocking other hacks. We have a Antixray which prevents common X-ray hacks. Lastly, you can be satisfied that all your items are safe with a chest-locking plugin that automatically locks your chests, and furnaces for you. It can also be used to lock doors and any other block you would find beneficial to lock (Such as diamond blocks).

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