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Minecraft 1.8 | RP Server | Looking for Mature Sta


You are a traveler from a far off land. You step off the boat and onto the dock, this will be your new home. Many people have come here before you, legends, peasants. People destined to be Kings, Emperors, Great Generals, and leaders of entire Nations walked here before you, What will you make of your destiny?

There are 4 main factions you can choose from:

The first is the Kingdom of Alabaster.
This faction is mostly made up of Humans and Dwarves, though there are a few Elves.
This faction is known to be extremely Hostile to Races other than Humans, Dwarves, Or Elves. The believe Races like the Orcs and the Goblins are Inferior Creatures. They frequently Raid Orcish lands, Pillaging Homes and Burning entire villages.

The Second is the Empire of Mugarud
This Empire is Named after the Great Orc Mugarud, Who united the Orcish and Goblin Tribes to face the Threat of Alabaster And to create a greater Nation and stop the constant conflict between the orcish tribes. This Nation is Mostly made up of Orcs and Goblins with some other Minorities mixed in. This Faction is known to be extremely hostile to anyone affiliated with the Kingdom of Alabaster, But are known to be Accepting of Humans/Dwarves that are against the Kingdom.

The Third Faction is the Nation of Fylhelean
This faction is Neutral between the Two Factions, And aim to create peace within Anciiya (Name of the World) This Faction is allied with both Factions, and settle most minor disputes between the two. They Accompany any official Diplomatic Voyage/journey, Though these things are rare. They are constantly pushing for peace between the two Warring Nations So that they can open their eyes to the Greater Threat, The Government of the Apostates. The Nation of Fylhelean believes that in order for there to be peace, The Apostates must be destroyed forever.

The fourth Faction is the Government of the Apostates.
This Nation Is extremely Dangerous, Renouncing any form of Religion, this nation is bent on taking over the entire realm of Anciiya. They consist of all of the major Races, and will accept you into their Faction as long as you agree with their beliefs. They are known to be very strict and brutal, Publicly executing you if you speak out against them. All 3 Major Factions oppose them, Though Fylhelean is the only that has taken direct military action against them.


How long have you played Minecraft:
Are you a sponge?:
How often will you play the server?:
In Game Name (IGN)?:
Do you have skype? (if so please post your skype name):
What can you contribute to the server?
Are you a good builder?
Any Additional info?:
Role-play aspects:

What is your characters name?
Characters age:
Characters skills:
What race will your character be? (Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Human, Goblin, Half [insert race])
What faction will you join? (Empire of Mugarud, The Nation of Fylhelean, The Kingdom of Alabastor, Or the Government of the Apostates)
Are you a good Roleplayer?
Character description (make it good!, 1-2 Paragraphs)
Back story (make this good too! 2-3 Paragraphs!)
Any Additional info?:

Thank you for your time!


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