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You've washed up on the shores of a strange island, your ship sits in splintered ruins farther down the beach. You have lost everything. You have no posessions, not even an emerald to your name--but you're not alone. Old Al will share a fishing rod and a story or two. Get a cookie from Lethe on the way into town. A shady stranger offers some advice. Strange creatures and stranger inhabitants make for a thriving world full of opportunities. Become a trader, selling your goods from the far corners of Archaeon. Build a prosperous farm, a grand palace, or a mighty fortress. Be a hero and protect others traveling in the wilderness, or a marauding brigand plundering your way to infamy. The world awaits!

Archaeon is a semi-vanilla server, the wilderness is PVP.
Land claims and protection handled by GriefProtection
Vault economy based on emeralds.
NPC merchants and other characters.
Owner and Admins are parents of some of the players--Keep it family friendly.
New NPCs, plots, and content always being added, join us as we grow!

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