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Liberty Realms

Liberty Realms 1.8 || Towny


Liberty Realms is a laid-back Towny server hoping to attract casual minecraft players who enjoy building, managing a market, creating communities and consuming time as well as PVP without the constant worry of being raided, plundered or griefed. Liberty Realms goes to great lengths to prevent a hostile environment. Enjoy the Freedom to do anything you want without casualty!

Liberty Realms focuses on the teamwork of other players as well as a player-ran market. The default shop is extremely limited to give the player motivation to create their own shop and sell to other players. The default shop has just enough to aid a player in getting cash but ultimately there could be a time where having your own shop becomes mandatory for a good cash flow.

Despite us promoting a casual, non-hostile experience, the world can still be a dangerous place and outside of the safezone or your claimed zones can make you a target for Bandits. Arm yourself well and protect your inventory at all costs!

Diamonds cannot be mined which gives them the rarity they've always deserved. Diamonds can be earned through a lucky vote, however, and the rarity will increase it's demand and players could become Diamond traders or Diamond Hoarders to sell their gems to players for a good profit.

Blaze have become extinct in the Nether making Blaze Rods far and few in-between. This is not good for alchemist or those who enjoy brewing. However, Blaze Rods can be obtained through a lucky vote! This will also increase the demand for Blaze Rods making them very valuable for those looking to make profit. Plus, obtaining a Brewing Stand opens new doors for cash flow as we have a very generous potion shop that will buy your potions for a great price!

Towny lets you create your own grief-free zone to build anything you want! Build a castle or an entire city, enlist the aid of other players and become the biggest community on the server! The PVP arena let's you blow off some steam or show your might as the strongest of them all!

We also, as most servers, allow players to donate to help keep us going and for that, you gain some great rewards for it!

This server was created for the sole purpose of your entertainment and ours so apart from managing plugins and the server's upkeep, we want Liberty Realms to be 100% player-ran. From the builds to the economy, the world is yours!

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2 GB RAM, 40 Slots (To start out)

5000x5000 World Border

Mob Arena


Anti-Griefing tools


Balanced Economy

Player Marketing


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