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Ruin Community!


Mission Statement

Ruin Community is dedicated to providing a fun, "kid safe" gaming environment for people of all ages. We will strive to be the leading provider of online popular gaming services for people who don't want to focus on any one particular gaming niche. We do not want any user to feel unworthy or uncomfortable about thier experience in online gaming.

Ruin Community is aimed at creating a "clubhouse" type atmosphere where gamers seeking fun will always find it. We do not allow or condone any sort of negativity involving racism, bigotry, harassment, bullying, etc.

Ruin Community wishes to provide an escape to a world of like minded individuals with a common goal: Having fun, for the fun of it.


Our Ranks:

Guest - First Rank when you join the server, you cannot build in this rank

Builder - Given after reading the rules, you may build in the Creative and
Survival spawn

Resident - Given after staying on the server for a week, Ask an admin to promote you!

VIP - Only recieved by donating $10 Donate on our website! (link)

Moderator - First staff rank, able to do greif checks, give items, protect areas, and kick and ban people.

Operator - Same as Moderator but given World Edit access and can promote people as needed.

Admin - Are the overseers and have all permissions.

Tech Admin - Take care of the server files and is the final achievable staff rank.

Ruin - The owners, only given to Jitaki, Mangeh and Uno. They are the bosses. Listen to them

Our worlds:

Freebuild - Named creative, this world is used to build creative ideas and creations. Only donators and staff may have creative mode. Donate $10 for this rank. Ask staff for items.

Survival - As it says, made for those who want the real survival experience. Creepers do not explode with craters.

Hub - Where you spawn, it is made to teleport to any other world

VIP - multiple floating islands to be build on. ONLY VIP's and staff may enter.

Redstone - Allowed for Residents+ made for the redstone handy

SkyWorld - This is where the Skyblock islands are at. To get to here, all you have to do is type /island

  • The Ruin Community Staff

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