This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TechCraft Freebuild Survival. You will never have to worry about griefers again. Every block you place is individually protected to you with no hassle! Special ranks can be purchased through the buycraft plugin and there are many plugins on our server. These Include: BlockProtection Buycraft ChestShop CoreProtect Essentials GroupManager HeadSpawner LWC LimitedCreative Orebfuscator ProtectBlock ScheduledAnnouncer2 Stargate WorldEdit WorldGuard We have many friendly staff ready to help you. Hoever do not disobey the rules or you will be punished! Gamemode can be purchased in game with VIP for £25 and for £15. supporter. If you get worried about servers going down, ours will not! We have been around for over 8 months!
Your host -NatL59elite

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