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[Minigames][Staff Wanted][No Lag][24/7] allanitega


Who are we:
Allanite Gaming is a fresh, new, friendly and dedicated community who welcome anyone and everyone. We have friendly staff, fun servers and a great playerbase. We aspire to become a large community with plentiful servers and great fun. We hope to see you!

What is Skywars:
Skywars is a Minecraft mini-game gamemode. Our version features 4 islands, each symmetrical to the other islands. The chests are even out in loot and blocks. It offers great fun and teamwork capabilities. We ensure you will have a great time!
What is Infected:
Infected is a popular game mode from Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3. This plugin tries it's best to replicate that gamemode and turn it into a Minecraft minigame. The objective of this game for humans is to simply outlast and fight the zombies. But you only have one life. Once you get bitten, then you turn into a zombie and are forced to infect the ones who were once your allies and friends. Humans. If you happen to get caught by the horde, your objective as a zombie is to infect all the humans before the timer is up.
What is Horse Racing:
It's 2-4 players in an obstacle. You ride horses across various jumps to the finish, which determines the winner.
What is Seawars:
You're in a boat and you must destroy everyone else's boat with snowballs through an obstacle course and various maps.

Currently our server runs 24/7, no lag. We are looking for helpful and friendly staff to join our community. Please do not spam asking to join the staff. We currently have various minigames which we update daily. Such as: infected, horse racing, sea wars, Skywars and more coming daily!

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