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MC-Midnight - Direwolf20 1.7.10 - 1.0.3 Looking fo


Very welcome to MC-Midnight!

IP to server:

Link to website:

So this is a new server that is so far being run by a one-man-team, however I am currently looking for mature staff who's willing to help out! More informations on the website about applying for staff. Be sure to check it out.

The server is brand new, therefore lots of undiscovered and unexplored areas, thereby giving everyone good chance of starting on equal foot with most players on the server! The regular players on the server are fair, friendly and love to help out, which is the goal of the server, establishing a fair and friendly community where everyone feels welcome! Stop by any time and say hi, everyone is welcome.

The server is currently with an autorank system, and the higher of a rank you get, the more items will be opened up for you. You rank up, simply by being online on the server.

___Some Plugins____

This is not all the plugins, there are more, but these are the ones you should take most notice of.

AutoRank - Rewards upon being online
MultiVerse - Mining world!
Worldborder - Which will be expanded accordingly

___Banned item____

So as most servers, you can of course find some banned items that are banned because of lag, crash and griefing issues..

I apologize for banning so many items, but it is done for your own good, so everyone will be able to have a better experience on the server!

Book Binder - Due to lag
Link Modifier - Due to lag
Chunk Loader - Accessible through donation
World Anchor - Use Personal Anchor instead, once you rank up high enough
Sky Block - Large quantities: Too many entities - Lag
Sky Block Inverted - Large quantities: Too many entities - Lag
Nuke - Take a guess..
Tome Of Knowledge Sharing - Quite overpowered
Mining Laser - Bypasses protection
SPAMR Launcher - Bypasses protection
Plasma Launcher - Bypasses Protection
Sacred Rubber Sapling - Way too much lag
Quarry - Use Ender Quarry instead, once you rank up high enough
Funky Locomotion Mod - Lag
Matter Cannon - Bypasses protection
Florbs - Bypasses protection
Energy Blaster - Bypasses protection
Energy Bazooka - Bypasses protection
Rod Of The Hells - Bypasses protection
Ender Bow - Server instability
Mystic Branch - Bypasses protection
NeedleGun - Bypasses protection
Building Guide - Lag and client crash
PortaSpawner - Duping
Thaumic Replicator - Client crash
Complex Spell Crystal - Bypasses protection


Rules can be found here:

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