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Feudal-Lands Minecraft Server 1.8


Feudal Lands - Minecraft Server

This is a towny server that forces players to band together to form empires. The wild is full of looters and murderers, but towns have arisen to return order to the land. These fortified cities provide players with a chance at prosperity through stability. As these nations grow, they develop rivals and complex webs of alliances. War is an inevitable consequence with each town battling for control of these feudal lands.

-PvP is forced ON in ALL towns. Walls, moats and gates are the only defenses that can save you.

-Gunpowder is very rare. Each piece is worth more than a handful of diamonds. Towns must gather this resource for war and spend fortunes obtaining it. (Found in dungeons and through MCMMO)

-MCMMO skills tweaked with different rewards and leveling speeds.

-Custom FeudalCannons mod installed that allows for sieging of towns. This is the only way to break down walls and guarantee entrance in to enemy castles.

-No donations for anything in-game. Balancing of gameplay is the number one priority for staff.

-Staff reserve the right to remove any players from the server that worsen the experience for other players.

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