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The Ohh Killem Server is a 24/7 Survival Multiplayer server for Minecraft. We use a wide range of plugins from the ever popular plugins mcMMO and Simple Clans to some lesser known plugins like PreciousStones and iConomy. Oh Killem revolves around PVP between clans and individuals as well as some hardcore creative fun! We have a very dedicated staff that does their best to keep the server clean from griefers, spammers, and rude players alike. Raiding with your clan, joining in on a building competition, or simply joining in a forum game such as “Corrupt a Wish” will surely fulfill all your server-needs! Be there for the action, be there for the fun, or just be there for the community, we know you'll love Oh Killem! Yay

What are some basic rules?
On MythCraft, there are a few rules you should follow. Here are some of the basics:
Stealing IS allowed. This is a survival/pvp server!
Griefing is not allowed. We will catch you!
Don't spam, use CAPS/aLt CaPs
Don't advertise, makes you look really good for banning target practice :3
Don't abuse your right to swear/use vulgarity. Every now and then we don't really mind, but consider it a privilege, not a right.
No client mods (excluding Optifine, Minimaps, and Improved Chats)
Respect Staff, Donators, and the community.
No racism/prejudice, no exceptions! Instant ban.No vaults
No alternative accounts
No spawn camping. This includes someone's /home, /clan home, regioned areas, etc.


No Whitelist!
Regular daily lottery as well as forum games!
Server can hold up to 60 players!
Level up your abilities and harness your skills with mcMMO!
Create your own protected home or town with our PreciousStones plugin!
Powerful Anti-Spam and Anti-Grief plugins working for us!
Powerful Anti-Xray and Hacking plugins!
Custom player shops
Donation ranks and packages!
iConomy server!
Earn money by voting, doing jobs, playing in the lottery, or donating!
Huge server map!
Amazingly mature, hardworking, and dedicated helpful staff
Cheap and balanced economy
Over a year of Minecraft hosting experience!
Over 40+ plugins and counting!!

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