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The name of the server is cadetcraft
The ip address is
The website is!
We are needed for donors
The rules are...

&11. No Spamming.

&22. No Sharing Accounts.

&33. Don't Ask For Ranks/OP/Items.

&44. No Advertising.

&55. No Racism.

&66. No PVP Logging.

&77. No Illegal items/Spawned!

&88. No Traps/Luring.

&99. Respect Staff Members.

&010. Donors Don't Give Out Items.

&a11. No Hack Clients Or Mods.

&b12. No Exploting Glitch/Bugs

&c13. No Selling Spawned Items.

&d14. Don't Abuse Your Powers

&e14. No PVPing In Creative.

&f16. Don't Fly In Or Out Of Pvp.

&117. (Donor)Don't Sharing Chests.

&218. No Throwing Pots In Creative.

&319. Your Account Is You Responsibility

&e&n&l20.Enjoy Your Stay!Have Fun!

Server Plugins:Groupmanger,Worldedit,NoCheatPlus,Simple-Autosave,Essentials,Buycraft,Vault,HealthBar,LittleTroller,Multiverse-Core,Playerheads,Worldguard,iConomy,AuthMe,Permissions,ClearLag,Jobs,EssentialsProtect,EssentialsSpawn,EssentialsAntiBuild,LWC,NoGodModePVP,EssentialsChat,Factions,SurvivalGames,ChestShop,And More.

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