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Minecraft Buddies is moving to


Minecraft Buddie's host went down and our files are trashed. A new world was created, so we lost all our claims, builds, and stuff. If you were playing here, go to and I'll help you rebuild at FamilyCraft.

You can still fly, set 3 homes, hold 4 jobs, teleport your horses, mine mob spawners, and sell your stuff. You get to keep your inventory when you die, vote for diamonds and money, and the /back command always works.

We have survival worlds, games, racetracks, an admin shop, rental houses, a farmer's market, player shops and Warps to

the End and the Nether. Our plugins Include: mcMMO, ChestShop, Jobs, Rent-a-Horse, Iron Elevators, GriefPrevention, Jobs, PlotMe, Stables, RentAHorse, Chestshop, SilkSpawners, AreaShop, Essentials, and Vault.

Be nice and help each other - we look forward to seeing you.
DMontgomery and Friends

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