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View from our spawnhouse as the sun rises
One of our rapidly growing towns, Dekapolis!
The Sky Tower, a city to-be in the near future!
Welcome to Hell's Gate, our Nether castle!
Here is the Sky Fortress, castle in the sky!

We are a public Survival PvP server for hardcore Vanilla players! The server is rapidly expanding, so many updates including new plugins and extra server slots are on the way! The more players we get, the more plugins, RAM, bandwidth, and cool commands we will add to the server.


===============Votifier Pages===============

Voting earns you three free diamonds PER DAY on EACH site!

=============== Notables===============
-Private TS3 for users once you log into the server
-Admin shop and several towns built for ease of access!
-Vanilla PvP Survival
-Residence plugin to protect your own stuff
-Essentials and Modifyworld
-iConomy system enabled!
-YouTube channel for the server's new series, "Minecraft HD" starting up in October!
-Authentication plugin for protection!
-Anti griefing plugins enabled for world protection
-CreeperHeal for protection from creeper and other blasts
-Much, much more, and still more to come as we gain more players!

Check out our promotional video and several of our screenshots from ingame! All of these were built BY players, FOR players in survival!

There are a lot of images available upon request. If you have any questions, please contact me on our TS3 or YouTube channel!
YouTube Channel Link:
TS3 Information is available in the spawn house of our server!

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