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Aurora Minecraft NZ/AU/World


Server Name: Aurora Minecraft
Server Locale: United States East Coast
Server Address/IP:
Game Play Type/s: [SMP][PvP]
Additional Worlds: Murica (PvP), Survival Games

Description: Aurora Minecraft is a fun server with great staff who really do want to make your time playing Minecraft an awesome one! Your possibilities are endless and can help create a great server! In this server there are ranks and with every rank there are more possibilities that are enabled for yourself. There are huge towns that you are able to join or if you like to be a hermit or just live with your friends, this is the server for you! With helpful,friendly staff if there are any problems with your game play it can be easily sorted because they are just such a great staffing team.

Rules: No Grief/Theft!; No cussing; No advertising; / [Official Rules] Enter in game for more info otherwise the server itself is pretty chill, griefing and excessive cursing or abuse will be taken seriously. Other than that if you don't cause trouble, you won't be trouble.

Server Hardware: Our hardware is hosted by Fragnet Enterprise Servers in California. Using DDR3Ram and SSD Space. Hosters:

Plugins: [Essential] [WorldEdit] [WorldBorder] [MultiVerse2] [CoreProtect] [Logblock] [Lockette] [Echopets] [Survival Games] [VanishNoPacket]

Owner/Admins/Moderators: magicalnz, blakemccabe

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