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This server is based on the classic Towny game play that is lost now! Most towny server have to much going on and new players can't get into towns or start their own. This server is different, classic Towny game play - join a town or set up your own. Towns cost $2500 and diamonds sell for $50 so 50 diamonds and your their, or join another town and get rich by opening a shop or selling your gems to the server shop.

We have the following plugins


Plus coming soon we'll have mob arena avialble for mayors to build an arena in their town and the server admin will activate it ready for play at a cost of $10,000 so only the big towns will have an arena.

This server has a realistic economy so don't expect to set up a town in a few minutes, earning money is hard work and those that do set up a town will need to take care of their residents and make sure the town is profitable or it will fail.

Were running n 1.6.4 until bukkit release a 1.7.2 craftbukkit.

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