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pin_drop (private server)

---THE SERVER IS ONLINE--- DDOS Protection makes it hard for some sites to see the server is online

ip -

A random survival / PVP / PVE server with Insane Mobs and more fun stuff .
keeping it simple with a spawn, a warzone and beyond that its just good old Minecraft with some goodies
here's a recent update of whats been added
Factions (UUID)
Custom Bows - (For members), troll is bow for everyone
Report System (Report cheaters)
Horse combat (On trial)
Deluxe chat
Custom Arrow Trails
Inventory Full Notification
Health Bar for players and mobs
Enchanting books has been disabled
Cannons (Fixed)
/ping Shows your ping to the server
Cannibalism (Now you can eat what you kill)
Bandage (Bandage yourself up)
DeathChest (Have a minute to gear up before you go back out there to collect your loot)
Head Hunter (Collect heads and put bounties on your enemies)
HealthPlus (Longer you live more health you get "resets on death" )
Combat Tag ( Anti PvP flying and logging)
Buy Craft (currently two pakages 12 hour trial and member for $10 for 365 days,People cand do the trial twice)

New Spawn (Pictures and a video soon)

New Updates All The Time!.....

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