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Hidden sands


Welcome To Hidden Sands!


Throughout the month of August we will be having PvP Contests, Treasure Mazes, Build Contests, Treasure Hunts, and more! Prizes include digital copies of GAMES and MOVIES!

Background Information:

Hidden Sands was first launched around August of 2012. The server was created for with one specific goal in mind; to create an environment where Minecraft players of all ages are able to come and enjoy themselves! Since then our community has continued to grow and thrive! So before we move on I would like to thank each and every person who has contributed to helping the server grow, whether it is by logging into the server for the first time, voting/diamonding, or just being a committed player! Now let’s talk about some of the many features that Hidden Sands has to offer.

The Server:

Hidden Sands is a survival server that has many outstanding features that will surely appeal to a large portion of the Minecraft Community. Firstly our spawn was created by our hardworking Administrators. The spawn is currently complete however we are consistently adding secrets and treasures daily! Secondly we have many plugins on this server that provides players with a unique and fair environment unparalleled by other servers. Some of our most popular plugins are: Factions, McMMO, Economy, Essentials, Combat Tag, and anti-cheating plugins. If this list does not appeal to you, have no fear! We also offer creative plots where you can show your building skills off to the server without the worry of being griefed! Also, approximately every week (time permitting) we host server events! Through the events you are able to earn items such as: Server Store Credit, McMMO Levels, God Armor, and other in game items that will surely benefit you. Now if that isn’t enough, we also offer mini games such as: Spleef, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Skydiving/Skyrider, Mob Arena (Staff Permitting), and more!


Griefing is Allowed. (Creative Plots are the only exception)
PvP is Highly Encouraged.
Swearing is Acceptable.
Do not ask for OP or any Staff Positions. They are Awarded to Dedicated Individuals who Deserve the Position.
Administrator’s Word is Final.
All Warnings Follow a 3 Strike System.


Show Respect to Staff.

Do not Harass Players. If asked, stop immediately.

No Glitches.

No Hacks.

No Cheating.

No Spam. This Includes but is not Limited to: All Capital Letters, Random
Typing, Over Typing, and Chat Spam.

No Racism.

No Nationalism.

No Offensive Stereotypes.

No Homophobic Slurs.

No Enderman Farms. (Only Applies to The End)

Do not Advertise This Server without explicit permission from an owner.

No Spawn Camping.


To earn the rank of [Member] a player must sign up for the official Hidden Sands website. Upon completion of this task inform a Head Moderator, Administrator, or Owner and the will award you with the title. [Member]’s get many benefits for signing up: a Creative Plot, access to the Blacksmiths, Two Player Shops, and more! We also offer special ranks for purchase. For more information please visit us at:

Contact Us:

We greatly appreciate any feedback you are willing to provide us and look forward to hearing from you if at all possible. You are able to contact the staff at any time through the website.

To finish this up the staff would like to thank you for visiting and we really hope that we are able to offer each and every player a completely unique experience and look forward to seeing you online!

-Hidden Sands Staff

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