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Simple Survival


All skills | Active Wilderneess | Excellent Economy | Unique never before seen content | Brand new DEDI and Webhosting |Friendly and Fastly growing Community! | Full Screen | Perfect Switching | Fast Download! | Lots lots more!
IP Address : Mc.SimpleSurvival.Eu
Website : http://www..SimpleSurvival.Eu

  • BASE RAIDING : How fun is it to go loot a whole base dry? Well, we have designed our system around Base Raiding and Faction Battles over their bases. Rise to the top and smash your competition by taking all of their stuff!

  • FACTIONS : To ensure amazing group fights and battles over territory we have a Faction based system. Join a Faction and help them in their ongoing wars or start your own and Conquer the World!

-MiniGames : Coming Soon

  • LAG FREE : The number one thing that ruins PvP is lag. We HATE Lag. So, with our staff's massive amount of experience we have designed a revolutionary server side system to ensure the best PvP experience possible in Minecraft for all of you! + we have :

Minecraft Server
Processor: Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1245 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo)
Ram: 32GB DDR4 Ram
SSD: 2x 520GB SSD
Internet: 10GBIT Port
Location: New York

  • WARZONES : Want to just log in and get some quick battles? That is exactly why we created our Warzones. Not only are they quick and fun, but they are also meaningful!

  • NoCheatPlus : We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned.

How to play? Create or join a faction, gather players, and build together! Factions are invite only, so ask in chat or better yet - create your own faction and ask new players to join you.

Faction owners and moderators can claim land, which is protected so long as your faction power doesn't fall below the number of land chunks claimed.

Each player has 10 power max. Players lose 2 power for dying, and gain 1 power for every 2 minutes they are online. Faction power is just the total of all its members.

The rules of SimpleSurviva are in place to try and help your server experience be more fun and fair for yourself and others on the server. These rules are are enforced by all staff and are taken seriously no matter the situation.

Respect all players/Staff
No glitch/bug abusing
No hacking
No asking for ranks
No swearing/vulgar language (or at least try to keep to it a minimum)
No spamming
No CAPS spamming

Rank Benefits USD
Access creative flight and fly mods [/Fly]
Access to Virtual chest [/chest]
Access To /Kit iron [A full set of iron tools]

Plus 50k of In-game money
$ 10.0
Premium, All above plus:
Kill monsters around [/Butcher]
Heal your self [/Heal]
GodMode [/God]

Plus 100k of In-game money
$ 15.00
Commander, All above plus:
Access to /Kit gold [A full set of golden tools]
Clear your Inventory [/Ci]
Tp back where you died [/Back]

Plus 200k of In-game money
$ 25.00
Elite, All above plus:
Set any warp you want [/setwarp]
Vanish command [/Vanish]
Access to /Kit wood [32 of each wooden block]
Access to compass mod [Bypass walls using a compass]

Plus 300k of In-game Money.
$ 40.00
Lord, All above plus:
Access to /Kit diamond (A full set of diamond tools)
the ability to spawn mobs [/Spawnmob "mob's name"]
Repair tools [/Repair]

Plus 500k of In-game money
$ 80.00
Master, All above plus:
Ability to spawn almost any item In-game [/i "item id"]
Access to /Hat [Put almost any block on your head]
Access to /Kit wool [32 of every colored wool in game]
MobDisguise [Turn into almost any mob]

Plus 1M of In-game money
$ 100.00

Upgrades : From VIP To VIP+ Cost 10$
VIP+ Have All VIP & Premium Perms + Gamemode

Upgrades : From Elite To Eminence
Eminence Have All VIP's And Prem+Elite Commands + Perm'+'

Any and all amounts of donations help to keep us up and running and providing you with a fun server experience.

We offer you many different Donation Ranks, allowing you to pick and choose the rank that fits you best.
All donators that purchase a rank that is 10$ and up will be given access to an exclusive Donor only shop consisting of lower prices and more item options.

Other donations options coming in the near future:

  • In-game money
  • Individual commands (/fly, /nick, etc)
  • Faction power boosts
  • Special items (enchanted swords, armour, tools, etc)

We hope to see you soon!

To help keep our server running, Please give up 2 minutes of your life to vote for us. It helps us out so much in getting the server recognized =D. Also if you have a Planet Minecraft account please diamond the server. Whenever you vote for us (No matter what site it is on) You receive a free IV Armour and sometimes even win ranks! Make sure you vote daily, It helps a lot! @

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